English Research Center is an online English editing, Translation, Research agency. ERC provides services in translation, interpretation, writing, editing, and Persian (Farsi) language training. We have rich business experience and a unique quality management system, and have applied advanced management techniques and information technology to translation and localization process control and quality management successfully. We provide translation services in all language <> Persian (Farsi) with the best quality and the best rate. The pair include but not limited to:

English<>Persian for $.03 per word

German<>Persian for $.05 per word

Arabic<>Persian for $.04 per word 

Russian<>Persian for $.05 per word 

Spanish<>Persian for $.05 per word 

Arabic<>Persian for $.04 per word 


Farsi Translation Services 

Professional Farsi Document Translations

English Research Center offers multiple Farsi translation services and has particular expertise in the following areas:

•Legal translation

•Financial translation

•Technical translation

•Medical translation

•Immigration translation

•Farsi video translation & transcription

•Farsi subtitling 

•Translation of Farsi PDF document

•Microsoft office document translation

•Ediscovery on Farsi documents

•Certified Farsi immigration translations

•Legal Farsi contract translation

•Farsi marketing translation

•Farsi Medical translation

•Farsi technical translation

•Farsi financial translation



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